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Have I mentioned how much frogs gross me out?
Why do children love them so much?
Once upon a time, my lovely family went for a stroll to a seemingly beautiful pond.
There was a fountain, sunshine and pretty lily pads.
I sat far away, upon a pretty white bench and watched my two daughters with their father, who just happens to be the love of my life and Mr. Nature Man himself. 
They were intent upon their task, to mar the beauty of my day and make me look at frogs!
You see, the lovely facade of pond was a lie!
Under the surface hid fish, snakes, leeches and FROGS!
When I looked closely, there they were! Arrogantly gazing at me.
The audacity of it all!
Intent on making another beautiful memory with my family, I looked away from their mocking faces and ignored their croaks of laughter.
The girls were laughing and actually working together!
GASP, they were getting along.

Daddy helped, he carried the caught frogs in the handy-dandy bucket. I love this bucket, it assures me that these creepy, slimy creatures cannot get close to me.
And still these frogs mocked me, they seemed to croak happily just for my discomfort.
You are definitely a Mother if you’re willing to subject yourself to situations where the heebie-jeebie levels are this high.
In the end the girls had a blast, hubby enjoyed himself and me?
 It was fun watching them from my far away spot.
Oh and just to raise the gross factor, my daughter of course caught the mutant frog!
Check out it’s nasty tail.
On this Wordfull Wednesday I’m grateful for too many things to list, I think the fact that I was willing to get close enough to take this photo says it all.
Today is Wednesday which means photos!!
So I had planned on sharing some photos from our family vacation, specifically of the deer. We went to Muskoka, Ontario which is considered “cottage country” around these parts. There are always stories of people seeing Moose, foxes, deer, raccoons but our family has never actually gotten close to the deer. Approximately a month ago I wrote a post about us stopping on the side of the road just to snap a pic of deer, it’s here Wordfull Wednesday.
We had never actually gotten close, until last week.
We stayed in a trailer and behind it was a forested area, I saw 2 beautiful deer there one day and ran to snap pics but was too late. The next day I was sitting out there reading a book when they came back, needless to say it was a quiet moment, which I’ll hold in my heart forever.
They stayed around for about 20 minutes and I followed them, snapping photos on my iPhone all the way. These deer must have been laughing at me, I walk like a bear in the woods and can’t take uneven paths so I was doing my best to scoot (lumber clumsily) around the trailer next door, to follow.
Between my balance issues and the bugs I was muttering and making a ton of noise but they didn’t mind at all. They carried along their way and I followed along, very happy when they left the forest.
Of course that experience was all I could talk about, my sister (spends summers at the retreat with her family) laughed at me and said they’re everywhere at MBC. Adding insult to injury when I phoned Hubby (came only on weekends because he had to work) he laughed and explained how tame they are and told me to get apples and fruit to feed them.
Refusing to be deflated, the next day after Hubby arrived, when I spied them I grabbed the apples and strawberries and headed out back. One of the two deer was brave enough to come to where I tossed pieces of apples. She was so lovely!
Hubby was utterly amused by my adoration, I threw the apple pieces closer and closer but was not about to feed the deer by hand! Seriously folks I watched the UTube vids of people being kicked by deer and I kinda like my face as it is.
Once I was out of apples, I offered strawberries, she smelled them, ate one and looked at me as if to say “where’s the apples?”
New experiences like this, where time is slow enough for me to fully grasp them are a rare gift for me.

In her eyes I saw things differently again, the world and the things which really matter to me became crystal clear. God has provided so many gifts for me, all I have to do is be quiet enough to experience them.
I took over a hundred photos of these deer over the week and will probably edit and frame one for my wall as a reminder to slow things down.
I’m considering making a costume for my next deer stalking engagement, something sassy with lots of pockets for apples.
Well friends it’s official, it’s the end of an era in for our family.
Today our youngest daughter graduated senior kindergarten, from now on both our girls will be in school full time.
Back on June 1st I wrote a post about this momentous occasion, titled simply Graduation.
I’m certain that you are all keenly aware that many graduations are taking place around the world; you just have to open up your Facebook and you’ll see the status updates and photos.
To all of those people celebrating I say congrats, the graduation ceremony is a serious marker. One which reflects your efforts, dreams and desires. That big day means so much to many of us.
I can distinctly recall beginning to prepare for my Grade 8 graduation in the month of February. Immediately following my birthday, I began to read the magazines (we didn’t have Internet…groan) and peruse the styles of dresses and hair.
One would think I could have come up with a better look than I did. Apparently I was convinced that the ultra shiny white eyeshadow, lace mock gloves and silver choker were the height of fashion. 
Oh to be able to speak to my younger, fashion challenged self.
I’m apologizing in advance to the girls with me in the photo, but it’s not like I’m tagging you all.
My high school grad was a huge deal for me but our school didn’t actually have a ceremony to hand out diplomas until September. 
By September I wasn’t bothered attending the Commencement ceremony, the way I saw at the time, I’d done the important part; I had attended the prom!!!
Yes my friends, the prom was far more important to me than the fact that I’d successfully completed my high school education. In my priority list those days wearing a cap and gown ranked far below dressing up and hanging with my friends.
My saving grace was that my fashion sense had improved and although I don’t have a photo of myself in the robe, I do have this smashing shot of my sexy, young self to gaze at admiringly.
That was probably the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been and I am awfully glad to have this photo, even with the Debbie Gibson hair.
The time came this morning with my 5 year old daughter, where she exerted her independence. With only 10 minutes to get dressed she had a complete and utter meltdown because she didn’t like the dress we had chosen for her to wear. 
Instinctively I wanted to scream in frustration; we’d spend much too long choosing the wee summer dress and we didn’t have time for a DIVA like fit.
There I stood staring at my daughter displaying behavior shockingly like the girl in The Exorcist. My head was about to explode and that post of mine came into my mind. Instantly I was ticked at myself for writing it because it deflated my anger and had me tearing up like the softy that I am.
Right as she’s yelling and flailing her arms as only our Miss Chelsea can, I wrapped my arms around her and began talking about how she used to go to the school doors and cry when we took her sister to school. I told her how little she looked on her very first day of school, how brave she was at 3 years old. I shared with her how proud I am of her and who she is becoming and how I want time to slow down some days.
In that moment I slowed time and surrounded us with our love.
And then I allowed my darling, independent, fashion-challenged 5 year old to choose her own outfit.
She looked beautiful.
Way to go Miss Chelsea Belle, we’re so proud of you.
Will social media save the day after the Vancouver Riots?
Last night hubby and I actually watched game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, we’re bandwagon kinda folks. We cannot devote ourselves to the time commitment of the whole season, but having grown up as Hockey peeps we were on board for the final. Not exactly the most loyal fans to say the least.
 As all final games in the Stanley Cup this one was well attended, people were paying astronomical prices for the opportunity to attend. On game day tickets being sold online were going from $1500-$9000!
On average the scalpers were charging ten times the face value for seats.
Even more impressive, the private suites were going prices from $159000 – $199000!
Those prices deserve a whole article of their own, however something else has drawn my attention on this Wordfull Wednesday.
 The game itself was fantastic, a true display of the effort, talent and heart that goes into Hockey.
It was a fast-paced game, for this competitive girl it was a nail biter. Even with the score 3-0 for Boston in the 2nd I was convinced that Vancouver had a chance to make a comeback.
In the end Boston won, their goalie was on fire; 37 saves to Thomas’ credit last night. Their fourth line played like a well oiled machine.
In the end it was a 4-0 victory for the Bruins.
The high-paying, loyal crowd in the stands were stunned. The disappointment was palpable but I’m certain they had no idea what was going on outside the area in the beautiful streets of Vancouver.
The city which hosted the 2010 Olympics was in a state of chaos. The worst riot the city has seen in decades had broken out. There were smashed windows, cars on fire, stabbings and looting throughout the downtown core after Vancouver lost.
 While the riot was going on, photos were being snapped. Cell phones were out and social media was a buzz with these photos and comments from both people in the area and all over the world.
Within 12 hours of the riot a Facebook page, Vancouver-Riot-Pics-Post-Your-Photos, had been formed. Here is the group’s description:

“Lets post those pictures and put a label on the losers that made this city look so bad, ruined my neighborhood, and acted with out any class what so ever. We know you just took the photo’s, so post em, and let them speak a thousand words.”
Today the page has over 24000 members.
There is also an event posted on Facebook, titled Post Riot Clean Up – Let’s help Vancouver. There are over 19000 who are attending and they’ve posted the go ahead to begin today.
Can social media make a difference in identifying the people responsible for the damage in Vancouver?
Of course it can, we have the ability to upload the photos, we can clearly see people’s faces in many of them. In some photos the people are unquestionable performing criminal acts.
The question is, will we use it?
If you opened up The Globe and Mail  today to the photos below and realized that you knew some of the faces what would you do?

  **The following photos are from***

 Would you use your knowledge and contact the authorities?
Social Media has changed our world in many ways, often putting us in uncomfortable positions.
For myself, knowing that a friend or family member had been caught up in mob mentality would be extremely uncomfortable to say the least, but I would hope that my integrity would remain intact.
Assuming the photo displayed a definitive criminal action performed by someone you know, what would you do?
And just who the hell performs such hateful damage while showing their faces proudly? How can we possibly think that these people aren’t willing to accept the known repercussions for their actions?
It will be interesting to see how social media affects this situation in the near future….will anything be done to avenge the destruction of this beautiful city?

Wordfull Wednesday!!!
Our recent road trip to Muskoka has left me with over 400 photos to choose from this Wednesday. How does one choose? Sure many of them are out of focus, the kids are making questionable gestures in frustration of “another” photo…..and yet the decision wasn’t going to be easy.
And then while I was browsing through the pics this one struck me.
During the long car ride I was snapping pics of road signs, the changes in scenery and the girls in the back seat hoping to document the entire loud, frustrating journey with 3 trapped children. 
 We were travelling down a cottage country road when suddenly we saw this beautiful creature crossing the road. Hubby slowed immediately and we stopped in the middle of the road so I could get the “perfect” shot.
All five of us packed into that car sat silently watching the deer, admiring the beauty and grace of her quiet movements. We waited with baited breath to see how long she would stand there, allowing us to share her space. I snapped away, zooming and focusing carefully not entirely certain I was capturing the moment.
At one point she looked up and seemed to look directly into the camera, I had just zoomed in and was convinced I’d gotten the shot I had been hoping for; the shot which would show the depth of her languorous gaze.
I hadn’t had time until this morning to review the photos and when I did here is what I had captured.
Son of a gun doesn’t seem to cut the emotion I felt rising within myself. I was so disappointed, how had I not realized these branches and leaves were in the way? I could have snapped more, I had plenty of time and yet I didn’t, it didn’t even occur to me because I had no idea there was an obstruction.
This photo has me thinking about how often we are blocked in our lives without even realizing it.
For myself there are many times in my life when I failed to pay attention to a situation properly and have failed because of it.
Is there something blocking you from living life “out loud”, from achieving a true balance?
Are you carrying baggage which is affecting you today?
Have you truly found your purpose?
Isn’t it worth it to look and see what is blocking you from doing so?
When I performed an inventory on my behaviors and resentments it quickly became clear to me that my biggest “block” in my life was based in fear. Fear of other people’s opinions, fear of the loss of control, fear of the unknown, fear, fear, fear.
All of the energy I spent worrying about things was wasted, the majority of things I worried about were truly out of my control.
I have learned how to let go of the fear, to sincerely give up my efforts at controlling everything and turn that over to God. It’s been an exhausting effort at times, this is a constant, conscious action and yet it’s been freeing.
I now allow myself to experience the let-downs, feel the emotion and learn from my experiences without taking it on as a failure.
I’m human and I’m fallible, God knows this and expects mistakes and the growth which comes from them. As I continue to breathe and walk in God’s word He is teaching me. As long as I make certain I’m not blocked I can learn and mature.
By trusting in God and His will, my journey has become less obstructed and I am able to clearly see the beauty amidst the debris.
Isaiah 41:10
Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
John 14:27
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
 AA Big Book, p. 76
We have emphasized willingness as being indispensable. Are we now ready to let God remove from us all the things we have admitted are objectionable? Can He now take them all – every one? If we still cling to something we will not let go, we ask God to help us be willing.