Today hubby and I enjoyed a slow, quiet afternoon as the girls played outside with friends. We decided upon an appetizer style dinner, which is a frequent event at our home. We LOVE appetizers, and frankly I am not the best cook…..GASP! Yup, it’s true and I admit it openly.
Since the accident I cannot deal with detailed meals, I am horrible at timing so the meals I cook often have one hot dish, one warm and one icky and cold. So when it’s my turn, I seek out simple meals or I make appetizers.
The kids adore this, they get to choose a dish and we all eat with our fingers in very casual style. I have become somewhat of a whiz at apps, I love when people ask me over for a pot luck….it’s my time to shine! Even though usually it’s not my recipe..cough…moving along…
I think we can all agree that appetizer dinners make for quick, healthy meals if they’re done right. Personally on nights when I’m crunched for time I rely upon apps or breakfast for dinner.
One of my favorite apps to make is Jalapeno Poppers….my friend Jody introduced us to them at a dinner party she hosted and we’ve been making them regularly since. They are dead simple and so much more delicious than the common poppers.
Ingredients: Jalapenos, Cream Cheese, Prosciutto
Cut the jalapenos in half and scrape out the seeds.
Once you’ve scraped them well, they should look somewhat like this:
Please, please be sure that you wash your hands well and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYES for a while afterwards. It seriously BURNS!!
Next rinse out the jalapenos to remove any left over seeds.
Pat the jalapeno dry and spread cream cheese inside it, the amount is up to you….we tend to be generous with it.
Now lay out a piece of prosciutto and place a filled jalapeno half upon it.
Roll the prosciutto around the jalapeno half, ensuring it’s tight.
Line up the wrapped jalapenos on a baking sheet and cook on 400 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 7, flip and cook another 7 minutes.
Cook until the prosciutto is done to your taste, it’s like bacon in this regard; some prefer it crispy, some don’t.
And finally, you have a wonderful, healthy choice to serve!