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As a member of the BlogHer book club, I was recently asked to review The Kid which was written by Sapphire.
Now as you know I have short-term memory issues, so it’s often a challenge to remember details about a book. Well this isn’t happening with The Kid!
I love recommending books to my friends and family but in this case I’ll have to pass.
You can find my review here on the BlogHer book review site, prepare yourself because I say it like it is!!

This is a Fiction piece written in response to the prompt on a website I love, The Red Dress Club.
 I continued with a character I introduced in Slaughter on Park Lane.
The prompt was: This week we asked you to write a post beginning with the words, “This was absolutely the last time” and ending with “She was wrong.”

This was absolutely the last time I would hear her melodious voice calling through the narrow hallways of my childhood home. My hands stopped packing in mid-air, my body stilled as I leaned over the suitcase a smile beginning as I heard her sing “oh Macy-my-baby, where are you?”.
Without conscious thought I responded happily, “over-here-Mama-dear”, in a sing song way as I placed the last pile of clothes in the case. Straightening I glanced around my bedroom, one last look to make certain I had all of the mementos I would need to begin my new life. The few photos I had packed were of my parents, this new life wouldn’t include the “friends” who had deemed me an outsider all these years. I could have a new identity; there was no past to be shamed by. With a deep breath I whispered, “A fresh start” as I picked up the suitcase and brought it to the front door.
In the future when that dreaded phone call came, my mind would be pulled back to this moment, to the familiar feeling of love. The sound of my mother’s rich voice singing, her vibrant energy shining out of her beautiful face as I entered the kitchen. Walking to me she opened her arms wide and gathered me into her comforting embrace.
There was something about my mother, Jacqueline DeRose, something too unique and elusive to deny. Men adored her, her natural, sensual charisma was enchanting, drawing them unaware into her web easily. More often than not women avoided her; speaking behind their hands to one another with narrowed gazes as she entered the room. To me this seductive creature was my world. She didn’t just bring me life; she breathed joy into me daily.
Within her ample arms anything was possible; so often her words trickled over my soul, lifting me to soar above the reproach of the community.
We had come this far together as a family in defiance of the judgement which hadn’t weakened at all over the years.  No matter how happy our family was, how generous and friendly my parents were, the community seemed to live by the motto “once a whore always a whore”. They weren’t shy about letting me know their opinions of me either.
I couldn’t count the number of times I’d leaned into my mother’s embrace crying tears over the hateful words, draining myself of the venom they seemed to inject into me. Within those arms I could purge it all, and gently my mother would replace it with her soft love. Each time she would replace the word “bastard” with words that reflected my true self, the self whom both she and my father adored.
This day was no different as I stood taller than my bewitching mother she cupped my face in her hands and stared into my eyes. Smiling she said “Now is your time my baby, you go and show them who Macy-my-baby really is”.
Tears filled my eyes, I looked away from her amber eyes as I began to protest, “But I need you..”
Wiping a tear from my cheek she raised my chin and said “You’re ready my love, you don’t need me for this and your father and I will always be here”.
With a brief hug I went to the front door, retrieved my case and with one last look at her I walked towards where my father was waiting in the car. Waving from the door her voice sang to me “We will always be with you.”
She was wrong.

 Write a formal letter to you or your character’s greatest fear.
Wishing your family a very Happy Easter!
Oh Evil One,
Why oh why am I plagued by you? At which moment have you entered my mind? I feel you weaving your snakelike darkness though my soul, squeezing tighter with each second of my life.
Oh leave my mind now you evil desire, I will not entertain the thought of it! Accepting those filthy 30 pieces of silver would mean abandoning all that I am, all that I believe.
You will not succeed! I will conquer this shameful desire to profit from the harm of my Master, one who is so wonderful, so GREAT! It is unthinkable; this is no mere man, He is my teacher, my guide. More than a brother He is the light in my life!
Your sinister efforts must cease and desist, I refuse to be the bearer of the kiss of death; my love for this man is too vast to be overcome. Leave me! I cast you out, you are evicted!
I will ignore the sores on my bleeding, shoeless feet; wash in the frigid waters of the streams on our journey; continue to fight for slumber on the cold wet ground at the feet of this man denying this urge within myself.
Strength and humility will be mine, I will find a way…God will provide for me if I would only remain strong in my course of servitude.
There will be no kiss of death which will hold my name!
Oh why do I feel so compelled to complete this unthinkable task?
My mind betrays me, I love this man whom I am to brand with my lips; He has honoured me by choosing me to be one of the 12; He has washed my feet, shared bread with me; His love for me embraces my soul.
And yet you, your calamitous greed overwhelm me, pulling me slowly away from my Lord.
NO! I must not be the giver of the wretched kiss; I cannot entertain the thought of this betrayal.
My hand betrays me as I reach for the velvet bag, my eyes sting with the filth of it all, this deception is unbearable.
Your hateful words whisper on the wind into my brain through my ears….eating at my mind.
 You have won oh Evil One.

This is a Fiction piece written in response to the prompt on a website I love, The Red Dress Club.
The prompt was
This is a Fiction piece written in response to the prompt on a website I love, The Red Dress Club.
The prompt was “In the middle of the night, you get an urgent call from a friend you haven’t talked to in years. Something terrible has happened. What is it and why is he/she calling you?”

After a very long, trying day my breath exploded from my body as I dropped my suitcases in the entryway. While nudging the door closed with my hip I kicked off my pumps and sighed with relief. I steadied myself with a hand on the wall, my head pounded and there was a ringing in my ears.
My only thought was of a hot shower and getting changed into what my fashion forward friends condescendingly referred to as my “Mumu”.
I didn’t care what they called it; in my mind that body length fleece hoodie was a God-send at times when I needed to unwind.
Ignoring my luggage at the front door I made my way to the bathroom while shedding my body of the oppressive business suit.  The cold bathroom tile felt wonderful on my swollen feet as I turned on shower on.
With the pulse of the hot water upon my scalp the stresses of the day seemed to float away, the delayed flight, horrible traffic and inept law clerk working under me were a thing of the past.
I was caught up in the soothing heat and the fragrance of the products as I lazily bathed.
Feeling refreshed and relaxed I found myself humming while towelling off and had to smile, I’d better not quit my day job I thought to myself. Glancing in the mirror I caught sight of myself and wondered what the folks from my hometown would think if they could see me now. Would anyone have imagined I’d end up as a Lawyer in “The Big City”?
Slipping on my “Mumu” I made my way into the kitchen to check for phone messages when suddenly it rang. My eyes instantly went to the clock on the microwave.
 “Bloody hell its 2:30am, who could that be?”
Bound with anxiety my tense arm reached out and I snatched up the receiver.
“Hello?” I said too quickly in that horror movie way.
“Macy, Is that you?” was the response in a calm accented voice I couldn’t mistake.
“Boyd, wha…” I floundered for understanding, leaning against the wall for support.
My mind raced, I hadn’t seen or heard from Boyd since the Law school graduation party fiasco. Thoughts raced through my head, Where did he live? Why is he calling? How did he get my number? My heart was pounding, nervous energy flooded through me.
“Macy, listen carefully I know it’s late but you need to hear me, are you awake enough?”
“Yes I just got in from a flight…..what’s going on?” I softly asked, fearing the response.
“You have to meet me first think in the morning at the Courthouse, I need your help.”
Breathing a sigh of relief my thought was “Okay its work related, this I can handle!”
Relaxing my muscles while straightening my posture I smiled to myself as I put on my game face and the attitude to match.
 “What makes you think I’m available for a phone call at this hour or that I would take on a new case?”
He sighed deeply into the other end of the phone “You haven’t checked your voicemail yet have you?”
In my oh-so- important Lawyer voice I haughtily repeated that I’d been out of town and was just getting home.
There was a long pause and in a much softer tone he said “Macy I hate to have to tell you like this but there’s been a situation at your parent’s home.”
Again there was a pause as my pulse throbbed in my throat, my facial skin felt tight and itchy from the lack of moisturizer, I stared at the Lilac candle on the shelf in front of me, and the ringing in my ears began again.
I felt my brain closing down, avoiding hearing what he had to say next.
But I heard it, that terrible thing that he said.
The Unthinkable.
“Macy your Mother has been arrested for the murder of your father tonight and she needs us at the courthouse tomorrow.”
There it was, the tragedy which would forever change my life with its bloody gore and its media tagline “Slaughter on Park Lane”.
This is a Fiction piece written in response to the prompt on a website I love, The Red Dress Club.
Someone has stolen something from you (or your character). Something of tremendous value. What will you do to get it back? Or will you give up?
The sun was hot on Cheryl’s forehead as she sauntered along with the type of self-absorbed confidence only an over indulged pre-teen can. From a house behind her a girl of approximately the same age hustled out the door yelling her name trying to catch up to Cheryl. Cheryl didn’t alter her course; there was a slight tilt to her head and rising of her chin in response to the call.
“Hi Cheryl, I love your top, it’s really hot out today huh?” the girl said quickly as she stumbled into step with Cheryl.
With a sideways glance Cheryl responded “Did you get it?”
The girl hiked her backpack higher on her shoulders and hastily said “Oh yeah, here, but I need it back at the end of school” as she held out a bracelet she had been carrying.
Cheryl clipped the sliver cuff on carelessly with a sly smile on her face, “Okay, so now you’re my best friend for the day and you can sit beside me at lunch.”
The other girl smiled happily and they continued down the road towards Canterbury Middle School.
Anyone observing would quickly notice Cheryl’s appearance of confidence, her stylish attire and knowing gaze. They might hear the other girl’s nervous laugh at each exchange between them, notice how she fidgeted and seemed to fawn over Cheryl.
You see the other girl was me. I was 12 and I really wanted to be Cheryl’s friend. Cheryl personified everything I wished I was. She was popular, pretty and smart.
She even had a boyfriend!
We had been in school together since kindergarten and although our Mothers had once been friends we hadn’t been friends in years.
Everything changed when my Mom died.
Oh what it would mean when the kids at school knew she’s my friend!
I’d get invited to boy & girl parties, I could eat lunch with the cool kids; people would talk to me finally!
I couldn’t wait.
That day was wonderful!
Children I had known forever suddenly paid attention to me, gave me friendly smiles and included me. I ate lunch at a table full of people talking with me, far away from my regular table where it was quiet and lonely.
This one lovely day at school in Grade 7 changed my perception.
These kids showed me what it felt like to belong again.
On the walk home from school that day Cheryl gave me back my bracelet and said “See ya”.
I was so happy I gave it no thought; I told her I’d see her tomorrow and rushed home to gush into my diary, capturing each event in detail.
I still read that diary wondering at the insensitivity of youth.
You see the next day when I arrived at school and animatedly began telling Cheryl and her friends about my evening at the Car Show with my Dad I was greeted with blank stares.
I’ll never forget the feeling of my heart sinking as the understanding began to dawn. I pushed that feeling aside and valiantly tried harder to engage each one of them in conversation.
The change would have looked subtle to an outsider but I knew in my heart that I was excluded, alone again.
I watched with a cold heart as they all walked away from me, together as a group.
When Cheryl turned around and walked back towards me my heart began to warm up, hope was filling me.
“Don’t look so sad, the deal was just for yesterday.”
As I watched her walk away the sense of belonging left me yet again.